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MHS New Clasico C46-4 (485mm overall height) traditional cast iron radiator

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Delivery Information

Please allow 5 working days for standard white primer finish, please allow 10-15 working days for colour options


The timeless looks of the MHS New Clasico C46/4 (overall height 485mm) high quality cast iron radiator will complement most styles of decor. The footed end sections are supplies as standard as are wall ties, although you can choose for the product to be wall mounted only (please see options below)  the heights we are quoting are the overall height including the feet, please subtract 65mm from the quoted height for the radiator height only. The overall lengths quoted include the end bushes. The MHS Clasico is 4 columns deep therefore the depth of the actual radiator is 140mm plus adjustable wall ties which will take it to 172-182mm. The Clasico is available in 5 heights and a number of widths, it is pre-assembled up to 20 sections ready for installation although a joining tool can be purchased if over 20 sections are required - this is purchased on a sale/return basis. 10 year guarantee.

Current MHS New Clasico C46-4 (485mm overall height) traditional cast iron radiator models:

  • C46/4-B-03 - 485mm(H) x 174mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (597 btu/h)
  • C46/4-B-04 - 485mm(H) x 224mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (796 btu/h)
  • C46/4-B-05 - 485mm(H) x 274mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (995 btu/h)
  • C46/4-B-06 - 485mm(H) x 324mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (1194 btu/h)
  • C46/4-B-07 - 485mm(H) x 374mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (1393 btu/h)
  • C46/4-B-08 - 485mm(H) x 424mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (1592 btu/h)
  • C46/4-B-09 - 485mm(H) x 474mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (1791 btu/h)
  • C46/4-B-10 - 485mm(H) x 524mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (1990 btu/h) -
  • C46/4-B-11 - 485mm(H) x 574mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (2189 btu/h) -
  • C46/4-B-12 - 485mm(H) x 624mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (2388 btu/h) -
  • C46/4-B-13 - 485mm(H) x 674mm(L) x 140mm (D) - (2587 btu/h) -
  • C46/4-B-14 - 485mm(H) x 724mm(L) x 140mm (D) - (2786 btu/h) -
  • C46/4-B-15 - 485mm(H) x 774mm(L) x 140mm (D) - (3184 btu/h) -
  • C46/4-B-16 - 485mm(H) x 824mm(L) x 140mm (D) - (3184 btu/h) -
  • C46/4-B-17 - 485mm(H) x 874mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (3383 btu/h) -
  • C46/4-B-18 - 485mm(H) x 924mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (3582 btu/h) -
  • C46/4-B-19 - 485mm(H) x 974mm(L) x 140mm(D) - (2261 btu/h) -
  • C46/4-B-20 -485mm(H) x 1024mm(L) x 140mm (D) - (3980 btu/h) -

Technical Information

Colour Options

White primer as standard, MHS offers a high quality full painting service utilising the full RAL & BS colour ranges that includes some metallic, textured and specialised finishes at £15 per section. Some specialist finishes may also carry an additional mixing charge. Please call or email for more details

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