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Straight Chrome Heated Towel Rails

Our range of straight chrome heated towel rails are ideal for going behind doors in e.g. bathrooms as they do not protrude as far as the arched/curved option. We have rails which are only 300mm wide such as the Abacus Linea Micro towel warmer some of our towel rails are upto 1800mm in height to maximise towel hanging and to also maximise heat output.

Why do chrome towel rails give out less heat than a white towel rail?

The efficiency of the exchange of heat from a towel warmer to the air will vary depending on the make up of the towel warmers surface. Shiny finishes, such as chrome, do not emit heat as efficiently as coloured or matt paint finishes. Chrome plating creates an extra layer of metal that insulates the towel warmer and further reduces the heat output; this is approximately 20% less than a white/painted towel warmer.

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