Discover Warmrooms Extensive Range Of Radiators

Discover Warmrooms Extensive Range of Radiators

Are you looking for the perfect radiator for a room in your home?

If yes, you have come to the right place.

Here at Warmrooms, we offer one of the largest online collections of heating solutions for your home, with styles to suit all tastes and prices to suit every budget.

Whether you want to browse designer radiators at a fraction of their retail price, you love the sleek and sophisticated look of flat panel radiators, or you favour simple horizontal designs, we provide an extensive range of radiator styles that are affordable for all.

Shop contemporary radiators, modern radiators, trade radiators, double radiators, traditional radiators, stainless steel radiators, and so much more through our extensive range.

If it is designed for home heating, chances are we have got it!

Shop A Wide Range of Contemporary Radiators

Contemporary radiators are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the UK, with a standard radiator no longer getting a look in. Offering style, sophistication, and a touch of luxury, if you are looking for a modern design, we can help you.

Providing high heat outputs, simple installation, and highly sought-after contemporary looks, modern radiators can help you make the most out of any space, with attractive heating solutions in all sizes.

Whether you need a small radiator for a downstairs toilet, a vertical designer radiator that maximizes your wall space, or you want to browse column radiators for your period property, central heating has never been more exciting or varied.

Our range of designer radiator styles for modern homes come in a wide range of colours and finishes, including white, black, silver, chrome, stainless steel, and so many more.

Browse our contemporary radiators to find the perfect design for your home.


How much heat do I need?

To discover how much heat your room needs, you should consult your Gas Safe registered installer or heating engineer. All our designer radiators are shown with their heat outputs so you can find the right one for your home heating needs.

Do different radiator designs affect output?

By altering the size, shape, or number of tubes or columns in a radiator, you can adjust the output you need to achieve. For example, we offer models with multiple columns and double rows of elements to increase output within the same space. Alternatively, you could add another radiator to the room if you have a shortfall of output.

How to choose a contemporary radiator?

Contemporary radiators come in a wide range of shapes, styles, and colours, so you are guaranteed to find one to complement any room in your home. Choose a brightly coloured radiator to act as a standalone feature, a slim-line flat panel radiator ideal for cloakrooms or en-suites,m or a vertical contemporary radiator that can act as a decorative piece and a space-saving solution.

Should I choose a vertical or horizontal radiator?

Many of our best-selling designer radiators are available in both horizontal and vertical options, with the design you choose depends on the type of space you have. Vertical radiators are ideal for compact bathrooms as they provide a good heat output and use the wall space.

Can I fit a decorative cover over my new radiator?

Decorative covers can be used over our radiators, but they will significantly reduce their output. Instead, we recommend that you choose a heating system that you love the look of, so you do not need to cover it up. Many modern radiators offer unrivalled style and elegance, making them the ideal addition to the interior design of your home.