Designer Radiators

A radiator doesn’t have to be just another practical purchase for your home with our extensive range of high-quality designer radiators.

Whether you are looking for trendy radiators, funky radiators, or luxury radiators, each designer radiator in our collection provides high efficiency and unrivalled style.

We’ve got designer bathroom radiators that guarantee to make a splash, bench radiators that demand to be sat on, and space-saving tall radiators that make the most of any room, no matter how compact.

If you are after a radiator that offers more than just a way to heat your home, our extensive collection of designer home radiators is just what you need.

Shop A Wide Range of Designer Radiators

Why should you invest in a designer radiator? Well, alongside the obvious benefit of providing a heating system for your home, designer radiators offer a sense of luxury that no other radiator does.

Take our heated towel radiator, for instance; not only does it provide a great source of heat for your bathroom, but it also maximises your wall space, offers a bespoke modern design, and is so much more extravagant than a standard heated ladder.

Or, if you are after something even more innovative and contemporary, you can’t go wrong with our designer flat panel radiators that are sleek, sophisticated, and stylish.

All of our high quality designer radiators are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colours, allowing you to customise your radiator to your specific tastes and budget.


Where can I place a designer towel radiator?

Although you may think that a designer heated towel rail can only be used in the bathroom, it is not uncommon to find designer towel radiators in the kitchen, utility room, or cloakroom.

Can a heated towel radiator heat my bathroom?

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you may be able to install a heated towel radiator and not need to look into other bathroom radiators. Bathrooms tend to be warm and humid rooms, which means that you may very well find that you get sufficient heat from one heated towel radiator if you have a small to medium space.