Column Radiators

Whether you have a period property or you just love traditionally styled interior design, column radiators are the ideal heating solution for your home.

Offering decorative yet robust columns, a traditional radiator combines a classic design with great heat output, making it perfect for rooms with high ceilings that struggle to stay feeling warm.

Here at Warmrooms, we offer a wide range of high-quality column radiators, including vertical column radiators, horizontal column radiators, and cast iron radiators, with options to suit all budgets.

Shop A Wide Range of Column Radiators

Our traditional column radiators and column radiators with a modern twist are available in an extensive selection of sizes and finishes. From tall and narrow verticals that are perfect for homes with limited wall space to single column radiators that do not encroach too much on your floor plan, to steel column radiators that are great for conservatories and other areas where you want to enjoy maximum heat output, you are guaranteed to find the perfect column radiator for your space when you shop our column radiators collection.

With so many different old-style radiators to choose from, at prices to suit every budget, it won’t be long before you can sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth and breath-taking design of your new column radiator.

Not sure what number of columns is best for your room size? Get in touch with our knowledgeable team here or visit your nearest showroom for face-to-face advice from our sales professionals.


What size column radiator do I need?

When choosing this type of radiator, two main factors influence the size you need: the heat output you require and the available physical space. The most popular depths for column radiators are two, three, and four columns, although you can get five and six-column radiators if high heat output is required. If you are worried that one radiator will not give off sufficient heat, you could always install two radiators in a room if required instead of choosing one larger one.

Vertical column radiators have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering great heat output but not taking up too much floor space.

What is a double-column radiator?

2 column radiators are the ideal choice for homeowners who are worried about the depth of their chosen radiator. Less bulky and lighter than other radiator styles, they are perfect for small rooms where space is an issue.

Do column radiators give out more heat?

A column radiator is a great choice for large and high-ceiling spaces that require a lot of heat. They typically have a larger surface area than panel radiators, so their heat output is greater.

How do I mount my column radiator?

There are three main ways that you can mount a column radiator, including wall mounting, using a cast support foot, or with welded on free-standing feet. Wall mounting is by far the most popular choice, although support feet can be a good option for, particularly large or heavy radiators.

What colours are column radiators available?

Within our showroom we have in excess of 50 different column radiator samples in various finishes, popular finishes are antique bronze effect as well as matt finishes such as black and anthracite. From stock our column radiators are available in lacquered bare metal, anthracite and white.