Modern Flat Panel Radiators

If you are looking for a simple, sleek, and sophisticated heating system for your home, then flat panel radiators are exactly what you need.

Flat panel radiators have become increasingly popular in recent years due to both their modern design and high efficiency. Ideal for contemporary style homes, flat radiators operate in the same way as more traditionally designed radiators, but with the added benefit of being flat to complement more modern interiors.

Our extensive selection of high quality panel radiators come in a range of different sizes, shapes, designs, and colours, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect modern heating solution for your home.

Shop A Wide Range of Flat Panel Radiators

Whether you are looking for vertical flat panel radiators, horizontal flat radiators, or our designer home radiators that offer just that little more luxury, we have modern radiators to suit any room.


Want to make the most out of your wall space? Our upright radiators are ultra-lightweight when aluminium radiators are chosen and provide excellent heat output, making them ideal for all rooms where wall space is at a premium.

Browse our selection of flat panel radiators now, or come visit us at our UK-based showroom for a closer peek at our top-of-the-range radiators.


Are flat panel radiators more energy efficient?

Due to their larger surface area, flat panel aluminium radiators give off maximum heat, which means they work well at low water temperatures and, therefore, can save on your energy bills.