Trench Heating

Trench heating eliminates the need for standard radiators on your walls, generating a powerful amount of heat which is ideal for heating up cold surfaces.

There are a number of advantages of trench heating over a more traditional central heating system, including enhanced efficiency, reduced risk of draughts and cold spots, and better air quality. Not to mention the fact that they are built into the floor, so require zero wall space.

Our range of space-saving trench heating radiators can be used as either a primary or secondary heat source in your home and come in a vast range of dimensional configurations to suit your space.

Shop A Wide Range of Trench Heating Radiators

A trench heating radiator gives great heat outputs and is designed to free up space in areas of your home such as a conservatory, living room, or in front of patio doors.

Our extensive range of trench radiators comes in a variety of different sizes and finishes, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect trench radiator for your home.

Discover our full collection of trench radiators below or visit our UK-based showroom to get a closer look at all our space-saving radiators.