Electric Radiators

Go from cold to cosy with our extensive range of high-quality, affordable electric radiators.

Electric heating radiators are an excellent solution for heating your home, providing high efficiency, reliability and affordability.

Whether you are looking for a flat-panelled modern design or you favour a more vintage-looking heating system, we offer high-quality electric radiators that cater to all tastes and suit any budget.

Shop A Wide Range of Electric Radiators

Electric heaters are fast becoming the number one choice for homeowners looking for a long-lasting, energy-efficient heating system, with our bespoke collection combing the latest energy-saving technology with sleek modern designs that are perfect for a contemporary style home.

Browse our wide selection of electric radiators, including vertical electric radiators, free-standing electric radiators, and even a glass electric radiator that has to be seen to be believed.


Are electric radiators expensive to run?

Electric radiators are extremely energy-efficient and offer precision heating control, making them a cost-effective heating solution for your home. Many of the products have a thermal cut out so as soon as they notice the radiator or room is up to temperature it will switch off until heat is called for again therefore minimising cost of electricity.

What size electric radiator do I need?

To effectively heat your room, you will need to choose an electric heater with a high enough wattage to efficiently warm up the space. You can use an online radiator calculator to work this out based on the dimensions of your room and the type of property that you live in.

How do you install an electric radiator?

Most electric radiators wall mounted are suitable for DIY installation as they simply screw to the wall and plug into a standard socket. However, if your electric radiator does not come with a plug, it will need to be hardwired into the wall by a qualified electrician.