Vertical Radiators - Tall And Upright

Vertical radiators are one of the most ingenious and cost-effective ways to heat up your home. Designed to maximise as much space as possible due to how it utilises the vertical space in your property, these upright radiators are fantastic for heating smaller rooms inside your property. With their compact and space-saving design, tall radiators are a revelation as they are an excellent alternative to traditional horizontal radiators that usually take up a fair amount of wall space.

With various styles on offer, including sophisticated tall column radiators in finishes including Anthracite, White and Lacquered Bare Metal, discrete flat panel radiators of which some are available in a wide array of colours, or vertical aluminium radiators which are light in weight allowing you to install on any internal wall and give excellent heat output, you’ll be spoilt for choice of the many ways you can incorporate upright radiators in UK homes.

Shop A Wide Range Of Tall Radiators

We have an extensive range of exciting and stylish vertical radiators UK homes adore from some of the leading manufacturers and brands that can suit all kinds of interiors, such as Aeon & Apollo to Bisque & CordivariMHS & Reina to Ultraheat & Zehnder. With an array of designs to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect tall panel radiator that can aesthetically revolutionise your living room space. Our vertical radiators seriously catch the eye, allowing you to use them as statement pieces in the design of your home. The verticality of these radiators can also extenuate the size of your rooms, making your property feel more luxurious and spacious.

Furthermore, depending on the style you choose, the versatility of a tall designer radiator also allows for them to be used as a discrete way to warm your home, giving each homeowner the freedom to utilise each vertical radiator however they like.

Browse our selection of vertical radiators now or book a visit to our UK based showroom to get an impression of these radiators first hand, or view our traditional horizontal radiator.


Does an upright radiator produce the same amount of heat?

An upright radiator will produce the same amount of heat as their more traditional horizontal radiator. In fact, depending on the layout of your home and the positioning of the radiator, you could obtain even greater heating from a vertical radiator, making them a good economical option.

Can I put furniture in front of a vertical radiator?

It is not recommended to put furniture in front of any form of radiator or cover it in any way as this can reduce the heat output of the radiator which radiates into the given room. This issue is why horizontal radiators can be difficult to design around due to the amount of space they take up. With a vertical radiator, you’ll have more freedom of where your furniture can go.

Where’s the best place to put a vertical radiator?

A vertical radiator is a great option for any room in your home and can be a stylish addition to many different spaces. However, their space-saving design will be an effective solution for warming smaller rooms, such as bathrooms or utility rooms.

How do I bleed a vertical radiator?

Vertical radiators are bled the same way as traditional radiators, meaning that maintenance is simple and easy.

Delivery time on vertical radiators?

Many of our vertical tall radiators are available on a next working day delivery service. On each page within the website it stipulates the lead time on the vertical radiators.