Mirror Radiators

Who says that radiators have to be a purely practical item for your home?

Why can’t you combine functionality with fabulousness?

Our innovative range of mirror radiators is specifically designed to provide an efficient source of heating and be a stunning accessory for your home.

Whether you are looking for a mirror radiator for your bathroom, your hallway, or even for your bedroom, we offer mirror radiators in a range of sizes, panel designs, and finishes, so you are guaranteed to find one to complement your interior design style.

Worried about space? Our mirror radiators are super sleek and stylish and offer the perfect solution for your modern home.

Shop a Wide Range of Mirror Radiators

If you are looking for that something special in your next radiator, then you have come to the right place. A mirror radiator or vertical radiator with a mirror offers the perfect combination of impressive heat outputs and a modern design that is ideal for a contemporary style home and a stylish look.

A tall radiator with a mirror can make an eye-catching focal point in your hallway or bathroom and provides amble heat, so there is no need for you to purchase any other radiators for the space.

Browse our stunning selection of mirror radiators below or visit our UK-based showroom to find the perfect radiator with mirror UK for your home.


Where is the best place to install a mirror radiator?

Many homeowners choose to place a mirror radiator in their hallways to enjoy maximum visibility and heat up this chilly space. Mirror radiators are also great for creating more light in a small bathroom or adding a luxury touch to a bedroom.

Will a mirror radiator steam up in the bathroom?

No, when the heating is turned on, the mirror radiator will remain steam-free no matter how long you spend in the shower or the bath.